Depreciation Schedule

A list of items in an investment property that can be depreciated and claimed as a tax benefit. It includes such items as carpets, hot-water systems and air conditioning.

Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB)

The legal parcel fabric (current subdivisional pattern) of the State supplied by LPI.


A Dealing is any document evidencing a land transaction and prepared in accordance with the Real Property Act 1900 and regulations which can be registered in the Torrens title land register examples include transfer, mortgage, lease, notice of death etc.

Deceased Estate

Property belonging to a deceased (dead) person or persons.


Any legal document prepared for some purpose in relation to land which has been signed and executed. It may or may not be registered in the General Register of Deeds maintained by LPI.

Deposited Plan

A plan of land deposited in LPI, which was not attached to a dealing or deed, showing land boundary information whether for a new subdivision or other purpose eg identifying the location of an easement, for land acquistion etc. The Registrar General may, for convenience, number or re-number other plans as deposited plans or prepare deposited plans of his own motion. Plans of strata schemes are called Strata Plans.

Derived Lots

A term used to specifically identify strata lots created in plans registered under any Act prior to 1 July 1974.

Development Contract

Instruments, plans and drawings which are registered with a strata or community scheme and described the manner in which the developer intends to further develop the land in the scheme (LPI reference).

Development Lots

A term used to specifically identify strata lots created in staged development strata plan specifically for further subdivision development.


A person acquiring land under a will.

Devolution of Law

The passing of title to land by the operation of law eg by a will or by the laws of distribution out of an intestate estate.

Discharge of Mortgage

A dealing prepared and signed in writing by the mortgagee that acknowledges that the principal and interest secured by a mortgage have been repaid in full. This document must be registered at LPI to remove any recording of the mortgage from the land title.

Dominant Tenement

Any land to which the benefit of an easement is appurtenant, also being the land which benefits from the use of the easement.


Hand written instruction, arising from a dealing, from which the information for a new manual folio of the Register (Vol. Fol.) is taken (LPI referencE)

Drainage Reserve

Land set aside to the public for exclusive use of drainage of water - [s49 Local Government Act 1993].


Failure to pay a debt by the due date. Or failure to comply or adhere with the terms of a contract.


The level of occupancy in a given area, or the number of people permitted to reside in an area. For example, inner-city areas are usually higher density than outer-suburban areas.


The decrease in value of an item (eg. a building) over time.


Identifies population in groups based on age, gender, income, occupation, education, religion, race, family size, family life style, and more. Government studies often provide demographic information.

Digital Signage

Digital signage refers to a variety of technologies used to replace traditional retail signs. Instead of static print signs and billboards, digital signage is composed of electronic signs dispersing content and messages in the most targeted, interactive way.

Discount or Markdown

Is the difference between the retail selling price and the actual selling price.. The terms can generally be interchanged but are used slightly differently depending upon your retail sector. Markdowns tend to be “planned” reductions for products with short lives such as fresh food or seasonal merchandise while discounts tend to be promotional or customer service related. Both can be measured in dollars or as a percentage.