A right, attached to land (the dominant tenement), to use other land (the servient tenement) for a specified non-exclusive purpose known to the law, eg right of carriageway, easement to drain water - however the law recognises an easement in favour of a statutory authority without a dominant tenement, described as an "easement in gross".


A legal interest recorded on title such as a mortgage, lease, easement etc.

Epitome of Title

A summary of title, listing the documents comprising an Old System (common law) chain of title

Equity of Redemption

The right of a mortgagor at common law to redeem the land conveyed by way of mortgage and so obtain a re-conveyance.

Established Permanent Mark

A permanent mark the position of which is precisely determined by co-ordinates to a SCIMS horizontal accuracy rating of 4 or less.


An interest in land, eg an Estate in Fee Simple or Leasehold Estate.

Estate Pur Autre Vie

An estate for the life of some other person, eg to A for the life of B - where A has an estate for the term of B's life.

Estate in Fee Simple

The greatest estate in land that can be held against the Crown. It is characterised by its inheritability, ie it is capable of being passed to heirs and/or assigns for ever or for so long as an owner can be found. The estate may be passed by a grant from the Crown, a deed, a transfer or by will or devolution of law etc.

Estate in Remainder

An estate limited to take effect and be enjoyed after another estate has been determined.


The act of signing and sealing a document or instrument in the presence of witnesses.


Person appointed by the testator to carry out the provisions of the will.


The difference between the value of what you owe and the value of what you own. In other words, it represents the portion of the property you own as compared to the portion that the lender owns.


The difference between your mortgage and your property's value. If your home is worth $500,000 and you owe $200,000, then you have equity of $300,000.

e-mail marketing

Marketing via email, such as sending customers reminders, newsletters, and special event announcements via e-mail.

Equity (or Net Worth)

Equity lists the owner’s share of the company reflected in the Balance Sheet (Assets – Liabilities).