Unalienated Crown Land

Crown land under the care and control of the Minister Administering the Crown lands Act 1989 which is not subject of any tenure or resumption by a Government Gazettal.

Unanimous Resolution

A resolution at a duly convened general meeting of a community, precinct or neighbourhood association passed without a vote being cast against it.


A notification on title about a dealing which has been lodged at LPI but not yet been registered. Most dealings are accepted and recorded within a few days of lodgment, but some may require correction before they can be registered. In this case ‘requisitions’ are issued to the lodging party pointing out the corrections required. The term applies to dealings or plans which have not been registered in LPI or put on public record.

Utility Lot

A strata lot designated for a specific purpose such as garage, parking space or garden shed. A utility lot restricted under s39 Strata Schemes (Freehold Development) Act 1973 is not available for occupation.

Upper quartile

In reference to housing data – the price point below which 75 per cent of sales were recorded. If there were 100 sales in a suburb, the 25th highest price would be the upper-quartile price.