Vertical Subdivision

The subdivision of land into lots where boundaries extend from the centre of the earth through the surface to infinity. The plan represents the parcel at the earth's surface. See also Stratum Subdivision.

Vested Remainder

A remainder which is always ready to take effect in possession the moment the particular estate on which it is expectant terminates.


A symbol in the form of an elongated reverse "S" used in plans to show which parcels of land form parts of the same lot or the continuance of a lot on the other side of a road, river, railway etc.

Vacancy rates

A measure of how many dwellings are available for rent over a specified time period. A low vacancy rate means there are not very many dwellings available for rent, while a high vacancy rate means there is ample supply of rental properties.


A person selling a property.

Visual Merchandising

The use of effective design and merchandising ideas that will enhance the shopping experience of a store as well as increase sales and foot traffic.