Business Sales

Business Sales

As licenced business brokers who are also experienced in retail and shopping centre leasing, Exponential Property Services has the ability to maximise the sale of your retail business through an understanding of not only the sale process but also the legal and compliance requirements involved in a sale of a retail business, especially within a shopping centre.

Previous Retail Tenant representation by Exponential Property Services over a 2 year period in rolling out new sites for several major retail chains and negotiating lease terms on their behalf gave a valuable insight of the retail site acquisition, set up and disposal process from the retailer’s perspective.

Selective business sales have also been initiated through existing property owner clients wishing to not only assist their tenant in the effective sale of their business but also ensure the incoming business owner meets the needs of the building owner, is able to offer a product and service commensurate with the market, understands the business and is ready to take the business to the next level, and hence a new, longer lease period negotiated and agreed, enabling a win-win solution for the vendor, the purchaser and the property owner.

Our experience gives us the ability to know and understand the desires of all three entities usually involved with the sale of a retail business:

  • Retail Business Owner (tenant or freehold)

  • Purchaser

  • Building Owner (Landlord, where applicable)

This knowledge streamlines the sales process, ensures you are advised regarding the general requirements of the Retail Leases Act when selling a retail business and comply with the process and do not waste time and money dealing with possible purchasers who will never be acceptable to a landlord.

Our knowledge of what your landlord may need to know and what drives his decision whether to accept an assignment or not (and hence permit the sale to proceed) allows us to help you to get your sale over the line with the purchaser and the landlord.

Exponential Property Services are members of the Australian Institute of Business Brokers.