Facility Management

Exponential Property Services has recently expanded into providing facility management services.

After working with several facility management companies over recent years, we have been surprised by the lack of supervision of staff and failure to provide a quality facility management service, lack of relevant procedures manuals and poor site documentation standards.

Historically, the responsibility for the management of the building services and operation has been part of our overall retail shopping centre management service and integrated into the overall running of the shopping centre and asset planning.

A shopping centre needs to present to the public as a clean, safe, attractive environment for shopping. Our experience in the presentation and running of large and small shopping centres is transposed into our facility management business for other property types.

Our facility management services are at the premium end of the commercial office building and mixed use development market, aimed at clients who require a strong level of due diligence, comprehensive site documentation and experienced, capable staff who can communicate with the various entities in the building, including, where applicable:

  • Retail owners and tenants,

  • Residential owners and tenants

  • Hotel occupants

  • Strata management and building committee representatives.