With extensive experience in complex lease negotiations for retail and commercial property, (including under 99 year Leasehold and Sub-Lease forms of tenure) we have the skills necessary to negotiate on your behalf in respect to any property leasing issue.

Experience in intricate Shopping Centre lease negotiations with large public companies, multi-national chains and individual retailers and on behalf of property trusts and corporations enables Exponential Property Services to effectively and professionally handle any property lease negotiation.

Our leasing and project leasing strategy focuses on driving the best outcome for your property asset through:

  • Analysing the market needs and potential gaps in the market

  • Retail Planning and Tenancy Mix Planning

  • Ongoing tenancy mix strategy and tenancy mix development

  • Advice and analysis regarding base building services requirements and tenant / lessor works

  • Building design review and advice

  • Budgeting, rental and outgoings analysis

  • Implementation, timing and project delivery

  • Tenant analysis and occupancy cost analysis

As part of the retail leasing process, we undertake an analysis of each proposed retailer (including where available - references, trading history and financials, plus proposed shop concept details, business plan and usage relevance to the market) to gauge their appropriateness to the specific property and location and also to the client's needs and the strategic direction for the property. You are thereby able to review lease proposals and offers in an informed state prior to decision making and commitment. This also ensures that you have a documented benchmark of experience and financial capacity of the tenant for later reference in the event of assignment requests.