Property Management

Property Management


From a single shop on the street to a Regional Shopping Centre or high rise office tower

  • We maintain a strong attention to detail in the presentation and maintenance of each property

  • Clear and accurate documentation is maintained for all management issues

  • A comprehensive reporting system ensures you have up to date knowledge of your building's performance and all issues

  • Extensive 30 plus years of management experience

  • Knowledge of retail tenancy legislation and other compliance requirements

  • Backed up by a detailed Trust Accounting system professionally supported by Manhattan

  • Resources available for engineering, compliance certifications, shopping centre marketing and other operational issues

Retail Strategy Framework

Distinct from most other forms of property, the success and growth of Retail Property comes from understanding the needs of, and satisfying the desires of, each key group of users, from the property owner, through the individual retailers down to the customer level.

By driving end user (customer) satisfaction and working in harmony with the retail tenants and with a strong and market appropriate tenancy mix and ensuring the property is duly presented and maintained to a quality standard, the propert asset return and asset value is enhanced.